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pouze zkušené a certifikované lektory. 


Hello. I’m David and I’m originally from Canada.

I’ve been teaching English for the past twenty years and never get tired of it. I’ve taught everything from General to Business to Specialized; and all age groups as well.  It’s the best job in the world!

Although I teach mainly English; I too have learnt many languages along the way, such as German, French, Italian, and of course, Czech. Learning new languages is the gateway to new understanding between cultures in our complex world. It’s also a great way to make new friends!

So if you would like to learn English with Moravia school; and if you like theatre, song and dance; then come and join me on the English highway to a better future.


See you soon!



Hello Moravia!!!!

   My name is Giorgio and I'm from a "small" place in the U.S.A called the Chicagoland area!!! I grew up on an Arabian horse farm so I've been around farm animals all my life!! I love riding my white Arabian gelding-Zack!! We go riding in the forest on warm-sunny days almost every day. He is a calm horse and he also likes those days when I don't ride him and take him to the fields where he can eat grass out of the pastures! When I'm not with him I like going to see live music and I like all styles of music. My family has a "summer" home and I enjoy sitting on the pier and watching the boats go by-it's in a small village and the sunsets are beautiful. When I was younger I enjoyed fencing and won major medals in 2-Junior Olympics.

   I've been teaching for 6yrs now and taught in Prague-Kiev-St. Petersburg-Sicily-Venice and now in Moravia! Teaching is a gift I got from my mother and I enjoy being creative in the classroom with any age of students! When I have holidays I enjoy traveling around Europe-especially Eastern and Central Europe. I look forward to teaching and meeting you and learning more about the Moravian culture!! See you soon and Neshlodanou!


Giorgio :)

Native English Teacher

TEFL Certified


je prostě easy

Zavolejte mi.

Vysvětlím vše potřebné a domluvím vám první skype hodinu s rodilým mluvčím zdarma.


Jazyková škola MORAVIA s.r.o., Kasárenská 4, 695 01 Hodonín. 

tel.: +420 777 263 605


Výborně! Během dne se vám ozveme.

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